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“CFC Marketing understood our requirements perfectly. They went
above & beyond expectations.”

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Prego LMS at Walter Surface Technologies Canada

At the onset of the project, the client plans to build an outbound contact center for its Canadian B2B market. The dialer, phones and workstations have been purchased and are being installed, but the software hasn’t been selected yet.

The client is looking for a comprehensive yet easy to use call manager solution, including the following features:

CFC Marketing’s Prego LMS solution met all of these requirements and even added some nice to have features, such as multilingual script and rebuttal display and the ability to assign scheduled recalls to the same agent or roll them back to the agent pool.

What’s more, since the application is hosted remotely on a CFC Marketing-managed server and accessed online, the company was able to deploy, reconfigure, move and scale its contact center seamlessly. And thanks to online access, updates are transparent and the agents’ work isn’t affected in any way.

"We are very pleased with CFC Marketing's knowledge of contact center dynamics and requirements," says then project leader Serge Bendahan, Walter, Montreal. "They had a clear understanding of our challenges. They always delivered as expected or above. All in all, Prego LMS is the Virtual Call Center. Just add agents and you’re all set to start dialing."